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Welcome to the thrilling world of adventure!


Piskie Post isn't just any old snail mail; it's a monthly journey of wonder delivered straight to your child's eager hands. Imagine opening your mailbox to find a magical letter transporting you to the enchanting land of Cornwall, brimming with its rich culture, captivating stories, and hidden treasures. And who's behind these mystical missives? None other than our mischievous friend, Penrose the Piskie, eager to share his tales with someone just as curious as he is.


So, what can you expect?


Well, buckle up, because as soon as you sign up, your child will receive a special welcome from Penrose himself:


  • a double-sided letter introducing them to the wonders of Piskie Post
  • a Piskie passport to stamp on their adventures
  • a beautifully illustrated map of Cornwall to ignite their imagination.


Then, on the 1st of each month, another enchanting letter from Penrose will arrive, unfolding a new story of Cornwall's magic and mystery. But the excitement doesn't stop there! Each letter comes with:


  • an activity card inspired by the theme of the tale, 
  • a stamp to add to your passport, marking each step of your journey through Cornwall's enchanting landscapes.


So, are you ready to embark on this thrilling adventure with Penrose and the Piskie Post crew? Let the magic begin!


All our welcome packs are ready to dispatch now, then our first adventure will be dispatching Piskie HQ on 1st June 2024. 


Should you want two children at the same address to share this adventure, then that's absolustely fine. We suggest popping a second spare passport into your bag before you check out so there is no arguing and we will ensure 2 passport stamps are sent each month.


All subscriptions include UK postage. If you are from outside of the UK, please be aware that your letters will take longer for delivery and there is a postage supliment.

Piskie Post-12 months pre paid

£95.88 Regular Price
£71.88Sale Price
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